Guest reviews
Guest Reviews

Our most evocative review can be found on the
“lost in cheeseland” blog by New York Times travel journalist Lindsey Tramuta :

“... As we we tucked into the last bites of cake, Cédric glanced at me with a wide-eyed smile he typically reserves for only the most impressive or meaningful meals. I nodded in agreement, poured another glass of wine and thought how fortunate we were to have experiences like these....”

We have getting nearly a hundred Tripadvisor guest reviews and receive consistently enthusiastic unsolicited comments - Here are some of the nice things people have had to say about their stay here :

“Relaxing, friendly idyll.”

“A rural home from home”

“What's not to like?”

“Lovely lovely lovely”

“A Normandy Gem”

“Heartily recommended”

You can also find some reviews on our airbnb page
here, and on the motorcycle friendly here

We also have a Facebook page
here with numerous comments and reviews, including this one from April 2015 :

“I stayed at this amazing B&B in Northern France two years ago. So glad we've stayed Facebook friends so I can dream of the best meals I've ever eaten! Visit the website then Put it on your bucket list! It's that good!”

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