Imaginative vegetarian food is always on offer

Finding decent vegetarian food remains something of a nightmare in France, even here in Normandy where farms abound. There are a growing number of vegetarian restaurants, and vegetarian options in regular places, but they are still sadly very much the exception. Many restaurants don’t serve vegetables at all, even as a side dish, and without a bit of pre planning you can find yourself eating omelette and chips every day for a fortnight.

We do not serve exclusively vegetarian food, but are delighted to do so whenever guests want, and always provide a balanced menu, not just a vegetable substitute for the main meat or fish. There is actually a great tradition of meatless cooking in France, although you would not know it from looking at restaurant menus, and many of the dishes hark back to an earlier, peasant cuisine which was local and seasonal from necessity not choice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests.

local organic produce at one of the nearby markets
fennel and orange salad
green leaves with just laid duck eggs
garden produce on its way to the table
from garden to table in less than 30 minutes
... and of course we are never short of fantastic cheese
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