We cook based on what looks good on the day so nothing is fixed in advance, but to give you an idea here are some example menus :

First course :
Salad of beetroot with fresh sheep’s cheese, dill and lemon
Main course : Roasted stuffed shoulder of lamb, aubergine parmigiana
Dessert : Pear and walnut tart

First course : Cuttlefish with preserved lemons and cous cous
Main course : Salad Nicoise
Dessert : Chocolate and beetroot cake

First course : Salad of six varieties of tomato
Main course : Rabbit rémoulade, spiced courgettes
Dessert : Blackcurrant and mint sorbet

First course : Green salad with poached egg and lardons
Main course : Monkfish, squid, mussels, lemon roasted potatoes, green beans
Dessert : Quince and fig tart

First course : Wild garlic soup
Main course : Paella
Dessert : Egg custard with gazed apricots

First course : Oysters in the shell
Main course : Roasted duck, with peas cooked with lettuce
Dessert : Cherry clafoutis

In addition to the above we also often serve some charcuterie, olives etc, and of course bread, usually home made.

Almost every meal will include something from the garden, even if it’s only herbs, or eggs from our chickens.

We are surrounded by genius artisan cheese makers. Varieties that make a regular appearance at our table include :

Carrouges - a hard gruyere type of cheese. It can be eaten at any age between 6 months and 3 years old, but we usually stick to the 1 year old.

Pave d’Auge and Pont l’Eveque- our most local, a square, semi soft cow’s milk cheese with a salty rind

Neufchatel - heart shaped, soft, or sometimes runny, salty, very creamy

Camembert - the quintessential french cheese, from just down the road. Our favourite, although pasteurised, tastes like the scent of cows in the field. This may sound pretentious, but it’s really true !

Barbot - a milder, cow’s milk variety, with a soft yellow rind

Livarot - strong (some might say stinky), almost runny cow’s milk cheese, with a vivid orange rind wrapped in dried bullrushes

work in progress - a cherry and almond tart as I recall
some of the above cheeses, served with cherries from the garden
strawberries in the local market which taste as good as they look
tucking into some home made ravioli on Bastille Day

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